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In pursuit of Peace

In today´s world, peace is hard to come by. It seems everywhere we look we see turmoil and disorder and all the things that combine to make our existence a very stressful one. To make matters worse, we often blindly follow our own paths, trying to create a perfect environment for ourselves. But we end up failing miserably.

How then can we find the calm and quiet we need to be truly content? By seeking for and immersing ourselves in God. In her latest book, bestselling author Joyce Meyer discusses twenty-one ways in which we can rediscover "the peace that passes all understanding." Through a diligent analysis of Scripture, as well as words of wisdom and candid insights from her experiences, she inspires us to begin our own pursuit for lasting serenity. Journey with her and learn how to:

· Be at peace with God-letting go of your worries will help you become supernaturally relaxed.
· Be at peace with yourself-understanding how to strive for calm will help you overcome those mental and spiritual storms.
· Be at peace with others-maintaining a mind-set of quietude in your relationships will ultimately enhance your search, both with God and within yourself.
· Be led by peace-discovering how a peace-filled attitude affects every aspect of your life will make you more able to embrace it.
...and much more.

God tells us over and over in the Bible that we must seek peace in everything we do. Here, with these twenty-one steps, Joyce Meyer shows us how to actively pursue and live in it, as God intended. The choice is ours to make, she says. Are you ready?

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